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Stella by Starlight

Stella By Starlight (Bb) part

Ray Charles lyrics :

The song a robin sings,
Through years of endless springs,
The murmur of a brook at evening tide,
That ripples by a nook where two lovers hide.

A great symphonic theme,
That’s Stella by starlight,
And not a dream,
My heart and I agree,
She’s everything on Earth to me.

Stella by Starlight est un standard composé sur une musique de Victor Young, et dont les paroles ont été écrites par Ned Washington.
Cette chanson a tout d’abord été composée pour le film The Uninvited (1944), et le premier enregistrement a été réalisé par Victor Young and his Orchestra. Elle compte parmi les standards les plus connus.

‘Stella By Starlight’ first release by Victor Young in ‘The Uninvited’ 1943
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« Stella by Starlight » is a jazz standard written by Victor Young and featured in The Uninvited, a 1944 film released by Paramount Pictures. Originally played in the film as an instrumental theme song without lyrics, it was turned over to Ned Washington, who wrote the lyrics for it in 1946. The title had to be incorporated into the lyrics, which resulted in its unusual placement: the phrase appears about three quarters of the way through the song, rather than at the beginning or the end.

« Stella by Starlight » is one of the most popular standards, ranked number 10 by the website Its May 1947 recording by Harry James and his orchestra reached the 21st place in the pop charts. Two months later, the recording by Frank Sinatra with Axel Stordahl and his orchestra also rose to the 21st position.

Charlie Parker, playing alto saxophone, made the first jazz recording of the song in January 1952, which was shortly followed by a tenor sax version by Stan Getz (December 1952), a piano version by Bud Powell, and a rendition by the big band of Stan Kenton, which featured bass trombonist George Roberts. Instrumental versions were played by Miles Davis, which first appeared on 1958 Miles, Earl Grant and Dexter Gordon and vocal versions sung by Billy Eckstine, Dick Haymes, Ray Charles, Helen Reddy, Tony Bennett, Ella Fitzgerald, and many others.

cf  Stan Getz Plays (solos parts)
Stella By Starlight – Stan Getz solo, 1952-12-12

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